Welcome new students! When you come to The Owls Nest & Sunset Yoga, you may be asked to fill out a small registration form. If you are brand new to yoga, we ask that you scan through this page before coming so you know what to expect when you arrive. If you have never been to The Owls Nest before, please try and arrive to the studio 10 minutes before the start of class to get acquainted. Our minimum age requirement is 12 years old. We ask that children aged 12-17 be accompanied by an adult guardian (* with the exception of specialty events & workshops)

Class size varies depending on the teacher and the time of the class. In every class, teachers will instruct students through a series of poses, ending in final relaxation pose called savasana, (integrated rest).



Absolutely not! More often than not, people don’t show up to their first yoga class already bendy. By practicing full body stretches, yoga will help you become more flexible. There’s a saying that you don’t need a flexible body to practice yoga, only a flexible mind. So show up with an open mind, and the rest will follow!


YES! More than you can imagine. Exercise such as lifting weights or running is good for strengthening your muscles and cardiovascular system. Vinyasa Yoga is a method to experience the vitality, strength, and healing power of working with the body as a whole. Physically speaking, yoga is as much about strengthening as it is about flexibility. Some of us are gifted with strength and others with flexibility. Yoga meets us where we are allowing us to work with what we have. So, if you aren’t flexible and/or strong, no problem! Yoga is here to help. All you have to do is show up and roll out your mat. You will experience a new level of vitality, a new quality of awareness, and an inspiration to live life to its fullest. You don't need any previous experience or knowledge of yoga to participate.


Our bodies release toxins in many ways, but one of the most important ways is our sweat. In addition to being the largest elimination organ of the body (even larger than your digestive system), the skin is also our most effective organ for releasing toxins. The heat in the room, combined with the internal heat that comes from moving the body, encourages us to sweat and detoxify! The heat also may assist in the following: reducing joint and muscle pain, improving skin quality, boosting our immune systems, opening airways (reducing congestion), and regulating our metabolism.


Be mindful of personal hygiene. The practice of yoga is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can turn us into a hot, sweaty mess! Your neighbor loves and respects you, but doesn't want to smell you. And If you are sick, please stay home.


Many people say the best part of a yoga class is the final pose at the end. This period of deep relaxation, savasana, gives you the opportunity to allow the benefits of your practice to really sink in, and is essential to the practice. We encourage you to take a deep breath and stay.



Don’t push it. Each of us was created with a unique body, capable of doing unique things. Straining or trying to get into the “perfect” pose without respecting the limits of your own body will only lead to an injury. Instead, work with where you are, not from where you think you should be.


We suggest that you turn your cell phone off or put it on silent. When you enter the studio and place it with your other belongings in the spaces provided. *With the exception of special circumstances.


Please keep your “footprint” as small as possible in class by placing valuables in the cubby spaces provided. You may bring a water bottle and towel with you into class along with your mat.


Inform your teacher about any injuries or medical conditions you have before class so he/she can offer appropriate modifications to poses. After class, don’t hesitate to ask questions or give feedback to the teacher. We’re here to help you grow in your practice so let us know what you need. Please feel free to share this privately with your teacher if  that makes you more comfortable.


Be mindful of others around you that may be relaxing.


"Not Me, But You." Namaste means “The light in me acknowledges and honors the light in you.”

It invokes the idea that all people share the same essence, the same energy, the same universe. The word and deed have a very strong peacemaking force. Namaste is used as a greeting and also as a way of saying "thank you." In yoga classes, it has become traditional for teacher and students to exchange namastes at the end of class as a gesture of gratitude. At its core is the practice of mutual respect and the respect of oneself and one's body. It is a way to honor ourselves and the world we live in. Namaste is to recognize the effort that each individual has put forth in the practice, and to recognize that we have each given the best effort possible in our personal practice. This is kind of like recognizing that while we all may be in different places in our practice, we are equal in our participation and efforts. Namaste can be very powerful to promote personal growth both in the yoga studio and in the rest of your life. And of course, closing your practice with Namaste (or not) is always up to you. 


Wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable in during class, keeping in mind that you may sweat. Avoid baggy clothes that will get in the way of your practice, as well as clothes that are too tight or revealing. Management has the right to prevent the participation in a class if proper attire is not worn. You should bring a yoga mat, water bottle, hand towel and an open mind. Expect to be barefoot. Be mindful not to step on others’ mats. For cleanliness purposes we generally recommend that you bring your own yoga mat. We encourage everyone to use their mats at home, at work, or wherever life takes you. We do have a few mats on hand for those of you who are newer to practice or have forgotten your mat.


Each class is open for check in 20 minutes before start time. To ensure you get into the class you want, we recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes before each class arrives. Since space is limited, we will fill each spot on a first come basis.


We encourage all participants to arrive prior to the start of class. Doors remain open for 10 minutes after class has begun. If you arrive after a class has begun, enter the studio quietly. If there is no space, you will be asked to attend class during another time. For the safety of yourself and others, guests are not permitted to enter class more than 10 minutes after it starts.


To cancel your class, please cancel online or on your mobile app. Frequent reservations that are not cancelled are subject to review and action.